Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book update.


Thanks everyone who's still checking out the blog even though I've gone mostly dormant.  I wanted to let all you reading peeps know that I've found someone who will help me self-publish in e-format.  I get to keep all the rights, so if later I need to publish in "regular" book form - I can.

I'm putting the manuscript all together right now and sending it to some beta readers for some feedback.  Because of how I've written it, there will definitely be some "smoothing" that will need to take place for the stories to flow.  I also have some nevermos reading in order to get feedback on anything that I need to explain further about Mormonism.

I'm hoping to be ready to publish in a month, I'll let you know when that happens.  You'll be able to get it for anything that supports an ebook form.  So your Kindle or Nook or itouch, ipad, or iphone and maybe more.

Peace out!

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