Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kolobian Theater Presents: Scripture Contradictions

Please continue to hold for the next available missionary.
Agent [Nate] is ready to assist you.
Nate: How can I help you?
Me: Hi Nate, I had some questions about the book of mormon containing verbatim verses from the King James Version of the bible.
Me: do you know why that is?
Nate: Well, some of those would be the quotes from Isaiah, and other quotes from Jesus Christ. I would suggest a study of both carefully. It can be insightful to see where the differences lie.
Me: yeah, I have actually. That’s why I ask
Me: regarding the quotes from jesus Christ, like the lord’s prayer
Me: they’re exactly the same
Me: word for word
Me: “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”
Nate: Right. When we keep in mind that the Nephites only had the Book of Mormon and not the books of the Bible, it makes sense that God says the same things to one people as another
Me: ok, so jesus said the exact same thing to the jews and the nephites, word for word?
Nate: Right.
Nate: I would think that God, being perfect, has a perfect memory
Me: then why does the Joseph Smith Translation of the new testament change the prayer to say, “And suffer us not to be led into temptation, but deliver us from evil?”
Me: is the book of mormon wrong, then?
Nate: Could you give me the exact verse you’re quoting?
Me: matthew 6:13
Nate: And the verse in the Book of Mormon?
Me: hold on, I just had it
Nate: Now, Cindy, I feel like you’ve been slightly dishonest with me.
Me: why’s that?
Nate: You first said it was word for word, but I feel like you said that specifically so you could bring up the JST verse.
Me: of course
Me: how’s that dishonest?
Nate: Ok, I’m ending the chat
Me: why?
Nate: If you are here to argue rather than to ask basic questions about our beliefs
Me: because you know either the book of mormon was plagiarized or it was wrong?
Nate: SINCER questions
Nate: *sincere
Me: that’s pretty basic
Nate: Because, I don’t cast what I consider holy to someone who is here to argue
Me: it goes to the credibility of joseph smith
Nate: Good bye
Me: one man’s sacred cow is another man’s hamburger
The chat session has ended.

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