Monday, June 20, 2011

The reason WHY homosexuality is a threat to humanity.

Modern research into human anatomy has been quite clear that the male prostate has one function.

To store demons from hell.

As boys get older and succumb to the temptations of Satan, their prostates become more and more filled with the devil's minions. Any extended pressure on this organ releases the trapped demons whose soul purpose is to wreak havoc upon humanity.

Because of its nature homosexuality between males is potentially devastating to the human race. Hellspawn after hellspawn released upon an unwitting public causing pain, suffering, and saddness to what would be otherwise happy heterosexual people and heterosexual couples.

This is exactly how supporting gay rights and gay marriage would be the downfall of not just straight marriage, but civilization as we know it.

Demons would be released at a rate that not even the Ghostbusters could handle, and we would all be eventually living in a literal hell.

So please, keep anti-sodomy laws intact. Otherwise you and your children will become possessed by the devil and his cohorts.

It's a scientific fact.

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