Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to the blog.

The gospel of Raptor Jesus can be found throughout his life and his rambling stories throughout his life.

This blog is designed for a near comprehensive list of those ramblings.  Raptor Jesus being more forward thinking than regular Jesus by writing his own shit down while he was still alive instead of waiting for some other douchenozzles to come along 70 years later and start fucking with how he lived and what he actually said.

The outline of Raptor's coming to terms with his apostasy will be contained in four blog posts as follows.  However, these gospels are not completely comprehensive.  So further stories will be added while Raptor Jesus looks for a way to make some motherfucking money off of his motherfucking jokes.

It might be nice to say that Raptor Jesus hopes you enjoy his blog, but to be honest, RJ doesn't give a shit.  You haven't given him any money, and until you do--fuck your feelings.  Empathy is reserved for paying customers only.

Anyway, enough of the third person talking. That shit be ridiculous.

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