Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Most Terrible Thing I'll Probably Ever Write

Mormon doctrine is pretty clear about Jesus' origins.  He wasn't "conceived" by the Spirit like other Xtian peeps believe.

Nope.  God for Mormons consist of "god the father," "Jesus," and "the hoooooooooooooly ghost."  Three separate beings.  God the father and Jesus both have physical bodies.  God the father was a resurrected being on his own planet/universe with his own god and rose up to the ranks of being god himself because he was just so "spiritually cool."  Jesus was a literal demi-god meaning that god the father fucked the shit out of Virgin Mary in order to conceive Jesus.

Until now that is all just theoretical, but I'm going to give you the full blown account of it:

Mary awoke from a dream of a giant being overshadowing her.  For awhile she thought she still may be dreaming.  Her entire surroundings were pitch black.  She felt disoriented, but the sharpness of the disorientation told her that she was fully conscious.

A small flickering light came on in the distant.  And another.  And another.  She realized that they weren't candles, they were stars.  She grew uneasy with the strangeness of it all, and as more and more light came from the flickering distance, she noticed a waist high cylinder appear next to her, and if she had been in a room a dove resting in the boundless corner.

"Where am I?" she blurted out.

"Don't worry, you're safe."  An infinitely intense light appeared in front of Mary as she shut her eyes and put out her arm to try to block the intensity.  She was able to squint and then open her eyes as the light receded and a man stood in front of her.

He was impeccable.  A man fully dressed in white robes with long white hair and and a white beard but with a face that could only be described as ageless.  He was average looking to the point of being somehow incredibly handsome.

Her disorientation caused her to demand rudely, "Who are you?"

The perfect man in front of her smiled, "I am Elohim."

Mary shrank to her knees immediately.  Ever fiber of her being knew that this personage in front of her was God.

"What do you require of me?"

Elohim laughed at her, a very amused laugh, "All in good time, my child.  All in good time."

Mary's brain exploded with emotions.  This was her god.  Her Heavenly Father.  Speaking to her as a person.  As if one were talking with a neighbor.  Her entire life was devoted to worship of this being, and he was standing right in front of her - as a man.

"What ever you require of me, is yours," she thought without voicing.

Elohim though had anticipated her obedience and simply looked at her.  Without a word he communicated, "It is time."

Like a fly pestering her brain she somehow knew the answer but couldn't help question, "I don't understand."

"I know you don't fully understand now.  But you will eventually.  It is time to bring the Savior to the World.  I have watched you since you were a child, and you are the Chosen One.  The one woman most precious to me before all women of the world."

Mary was flattered.  She still considered herself a girl, but her god had told her that she had come into womanhood.  She had chosen a path of righteousness all her life.  She had done everything required of her,  had kept every commandment and decree, and god himself had found her worthy.  Her family had been right.  The prophesies they spoke of to her - the angelic decrees - all of it had been real.

"Thy will be done," she breathed.

Elohim responded, "I have watched you grow from a child, and you I have chosen.  You are precious to me.  You are going to be my vessel to bring about my child.  You are the one to raise my Son."

Mary didn't quite understand.  "I don't...."

"It has been foretold," Elohim anticipated.  "I have watched as you've grown.  You are the One.  You will raise my Son.  He will bring my Word to the world, and through Him all will be able to come back to Me."

Mary hesitated.  She saw the cylinder and realized that is was just the exact height of a bed.

"I don't..." she began but was cut off.

"You are the Chosen One.  I have observed you since your Creation.  You are the one to carry My Savior.  It has been Foretold.  I am Elohim.  You are Mary, descendant of David.  Descendant of Abraham, Descendant of Moses.  The World requires your obedience.  I require your Obedience."

Mary had not risen from her kneeling position, nor did she rise now.  "Thy will be done."

"As was foretold," Elohim uttered.

Mary rose from her kneeling position but not from her own volition.  Her clothing melted away from her.  She felt cold in her nakedness.  Her heart began to beat faster and faster and she felt every small hair rise from her body.

She trembled.

"You are my Chosen One.  The One who will bring about my Will.  Through You will I save the World from Itself.  You are Chosen.  You are the Carrier to my Mouthpiece."

She floated towards Elohim and he held her.  "My daughter," he brushed back a strand of hair as she shook silently.

He held her closely, "This is my Will.  You are Chosen.  Through you will come the Salvation of all Mankind."

She was laid upon the cylinder.  Her back was enveloped in softness as a sharp, stabbing hardness was felt on top of her.

Her breath caught, she looked towards the distance.  She couldn't breathe.  She was Chosen.  She was Joseph's.  She was Chosen.  She couldn't breathe.  She was Chosen.  She grunted in pain.  She was Chosen.  She couldn't breathe.

Joseph had asked her to marry him.  He had done so after so many months of observed courtship.  After so many stolen kisses in alley ways, he had chosen her.  She had chosen him.  She had saved herself for him and found someone that she hoped would now stay.

They weren't married.  She was going to carry a child, and it wasn't his.  Would he leave?  Or cast her out? Had she chosen correctly?  What would she do without him?  Even if he stayed, they would be alone.  The entire world would see her unborn child and judge her, they would judge her child for her choice...

A hand - an immaculate hand - brushed the side of her face as she stared off into the vast emptiness of scattered starlight.  "Don't worry.  Everything will be all right.  I will watch out for you, as I have always done.    Joseph is a worthy servant.  This is the way it has always been.  This is the way it will always be.  Your sacrifice won't be in vain."

Her heart beat in rapid rhythmic juxtaposition to the hard irregular rhythm on top of her.

She stared off into space, the dove cocked its head staring at her with one unblinking, red avian eye.  It cocked its head again, staring at her with the other.  Her sacrifice wouldn't be in vain, for god so loved the world....

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  1. God so loved the world that he raped a virgin.

    Sounds like love to me....

    Good post there Raptor!