Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seniora Fawn McKay Brodie, non esquire.

While I was battling my father of the lowest dungeon on the highest peak, before I at last threw down my enemy and smote his ruin upon the mountainside, Fawn Brodie came up.

My father was very concerned with some of the allegations I had made towards the profit Joseph. He said that a lot of my information had come from the book No Man Knows My Teen Raping History written by Brodie.

My father was quick to point out that Brodie was clearly biased and had an agenda for that book, and that non Mormons liked No Man because they didn't understand that most of what she said was just anti-Mormon lies. He went on further to say that Brodie did the same thing to Jefferson later and was exposed as being an shitty historian.

I had heard the part about the Jefferson biography, but did not know much about the book other than that Brodie was a supposedly stupid anti-Mormon bitch and couldn't be trusted.

Well, here's something interesting:

According to this wikipedia article, the statement about Jefferson is not at all true. There were definitely some negative reviews to her Jefferson book (I believe the title of that book was "I'm a Great President and will Fuck My Slaves If I Want to, Goddamnit".), but overall the book was incredibly well received, and she pointed out some things that were proved later through DNA evidence - unlike Mormonism.

I thought I'd share this with you just in case you stumble upon a TBM while traversing the Mines of Moria, and that TBM wants to take a giant shit all over Fawn's chest, and not in that loving way you did with your significant other last weekend.

You don't have to put up with those kinds of apologetic nonsense. You are the servant of the secret fire, wielder of the Flame of Arnor, and those TBM lies SHALL NOT PASS!!!

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