Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Blog is Going to Change for a Bit.

Raptor Jesus had a great Sabbath meeting with his First Counselor, B-Money, in the Church of Raptor Jesus Christ of Latter Day Sauropods.

And we did look upon the Manuscript, and it was good except for a few more key stories.  Nevertheless, these stories are ones that I will not reveal unto the Children of Men, for these stories are meat.  Big meat.  And children should not have big meat stuffed down their throats.  Legal teenagers -yes.  But never children.

However, I will be updating ye on the process of publishing.  Omnipotent means all powerful, but that doesn't include waving a magic wand and getting published right away.  That shit takes time and luck as well as being all powerful.

Tell your mothers you love them.  Unless you were a dumpster baby, then track that crack whore down and give her a swift cunt punt.

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